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Priori Legal Marketing Site


A primary aspect of the Priori platform is that lawyers are extensively vetted. This ensures that the highest quality candidates are submitted to companies looking for overflow legal support. A vast majority of lawyer-side users were educated at a top 10 legal program and have worked at a Big Law firm. In an effort to make the application and on-boarding process more seamless, we set out to update the marketing website as this is the first interaction lawyers will have with Priori.


  • Make each page on the site more cohesive so that there is a clear story being told
  • Make the application and vetting process clear as to reduce confusion and support requests
  • Updating the brand colors to be more vibrant, higher contrast, and less muddy as a way to bring more energy to the dynamic Priori story. 
  • Simplify iconography for clearer understanding. 
  • Personalized experience based on the Lawyer’s needs as part of a firm, as a solo practitioner, or an international attorney. 
  • Telling a more compelling story as to why our Lawyer Network is beneficial to lawyers by providing them with client connections at top firms and corporations, project management tools, and an expanded community to grow their legal practice with. 
  • Dimension and depth adds movement throughout the page and highlights content more valuable to users, increasing Lawyer Network application conversion rates.


  • Apply updated UI to website via page by page roll out (note: not all pages were actually updated while I was with Priori)
  • Improve Visuals and simplify layouts for easier scalability 
  • Display relevant information more prominently 
  • Improve UX of application process for lawyers
  • SEO Improvements
  • Unify visual direction
  • Clarify Priori's story and application process
  • Website Implementation
  • Website updates never fully implemented due to small development team and reorganization of priorities
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Aaptiv Enterprise Site & Self-checkout


Unify the visual Aaptiv experience and brand identity with the in-app experience and create an easy way for potential enterprise clients to buy licenses for their companies via a self-checkout process.


We were able to test and iterate on an updated ux and ui but ultimately the updated web experience and self-checkout was a de-prioritized project because our resources were limited and data showed low traffic across web as most of our in-bound traffic comes from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

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