Priori Legal

Reimagining Legal Practice

Priori is a Legal Ops tech company that offers a two-sided legal platform, allowing users to find, hire, and manage outside counsel without the costly infrastructure of a firm and helps lawyers manage their projects with large corporations.


Lead Product Designer


Responsive Web App, Design System


UX Flows, UI Screens, Design System, User Research, Usability Testing, Prototyping
Improved Platform UX

Goals: Increase Lawyer Profile Completion for Better Matching

  • Amplify the use of dimension and depth to increase hierarchy throughout the UX
  • Improve UX workflows, simplifying the experience and gathering more data for the business
  • Reduce friction and improve speed of onboarding for lawyers and clients
  • Improve platforms responsive experience for mobile and tablet
  • Design and implemented features and worked closely with leadership to establish product priorities
  • Improve lawyer dashboard experience
  • Increase engagement with lawyer profile, which provides better matches for lawyers and clients on projects when completed

Research & User Flows


  • Early Stage market and user research
  • Asked questions to understand user needs, problems, and anxieties when using the platform (both on the client and lawyer network sides)
  • Observe usability and conduct in-person user interviews
  • Rapid wire-framing and brainstorming with InVision Freehand
  • Built UI Screens in Sketch
  • Prototype in Sketch
  • Use color systematically to direct users throughout the platform and increase conversion rates
  • Iterated based on internal and user feedback
  • Evaluated UX and UI needs to unify experience, reduce friction, and build a design system for faster development and cohesive experience

Process: Wireframes

Solutions & Lessons

Projects have lead to increased lawyer engagement, profile finish rates, and usability.

visual design projects
Design System


  • Updating to a contemporary, bold, clean, and simple UI system
  • Simplify font styles to remove design system inconsistencies and make the platform easier to scan and read, leading to a faster user experience
  • Update Priori’s colors to include more contrast and vibrancy (removing the muted tones of the existing brand)
  • Use color systematically to direct users throughout the platform and increase conversion rates
  • Unify and update custom icon set to be more clear and communicate aspects of the platform to users without confusion
  • Establish a style guide, create components in Sketch, and apply rules for use-cases 

Solutions & Lessons

After multiple iterations, a complete cohesive design system was finalized with components, styles, and use-cases created for mobile and web.

Example system components
Design system for responsive web app platform
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