Interaction & Animation

Samples of interaction and animation design projects. More to come soon!


Senior Product Designer




Animations & Interactions
Trial Transparency Animation


In an effort to build trust with users as soon as they're exposed to the subscription screen, we aimed to design a screen where users were explicitly taken through the steps of how our 7-day free trial works, resulting in increased subscription conversion.

"I signed up for a month with a free one week trial. OOPS. The one week trial is only if you sign up for a year which is NOT clear. Everything about this service is deceptive." - User Review, 2019

Process & Iterations


We tested two layout variations and ultimately found that adding an animation that moved through the trial steps, clarified copy, and bolder text improved the experience and subscription conversion rates.

visual design projects
Aaptiv Logo Update


In an effort to unify the visual direction of the product and marketing experiences, I created this animated logo to replace the red & blue gradient one throughout the app.


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